22 May 2024

SWIFTT goes through the project midterm review SWIFTT goes through the project midterm review

The SWIFTT consortium got together on May 22nd at the EUSPA headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, for the project's midterm review meeting.

The SWIFTT project’s goal is to help foresters deal with forest threats proactively and efficiently through affordable, simple, and effective remote sensing tools.

As the SWIFTT project reaches its halfway mark, its platform is under development by the technology partners. It will provide mapping notifications of areas in their forests at risk of windthrow damage, insect outbreaks and wildfire. Meanwhile, the research partners are working in the analysis of satellite imagery and the creation and improvement of the AI models that will make it possible for SWIFTT to identify those threats.

However, the quality of those models is largely dependent on the training data used as input. As such, SWIFTT’s end-user partners are equipped with tools working with the in-house app and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), including the EU’s Galileo system operated by EUSPA, to collect precise, time-stamped and geo-referenced forest data sets in Belgium, France, Germany, and Latvia.

Backed up by Copernicus’s satellite imagery and cutting-edge artificial intelligence methods, the SWIFTT solution will provide next-generation risk modelling to ensure the longevity of this precious environmental resource in the face of climate change.