13 March 2024

Workshop Copernicus for Forestry Workshop Copernicus for Forestry

Project Partner TimbTrack presented SWIFTT in EU/EUSPA workshop held on 12th April 2024, in Brussels, Belgium.

About the workshop:

The Copernicus Programme and its Sentinel Satellites provide global Earth Observation data with high resolution and long-term mission continuity, ideally suited for Forest Monitoring Systems at all scales. Earth Observation helps in remotely detecting forest degradation and/or deforestation. Unlocking the full potential of this application could greatly help in the monitoring deforestation, both in Europe and around the world. Deforestation/degradation products and services would help in adhering to the rules set out Deforestation-Free Products Regulation (EUDR), the EU Forest Strategy for 2030 and the EU Green Deal.

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