Yailymov B, Shelestov A, Yailymova H, Shumilo L. "Google Earth Engine Framework for Satellite Data-Driven Wildfire Monitoring in Ukraine". Fire. 2023; 6(11):411. DOI: 10.3390/fire6110411

Wildfires cause extensive damage, but their rapid detection and cause assessment remains challenging. Existing methods utilize satellite data to map burned areas and meteorological data to model fire risk, but there are no information technologies to determine fire causes. It is crucially important in Ukraine to assess the losses caused by the military actions. This study proposes an integrated methodology and a novel framework integrating burned area mapping from Sentinel-2 data and fire risk modeling using the Fire Potential Index (FPI) in Google Earth Engine. The methodology enables efficient national-scale burned area detection and automated identification of anthropogenic fires in regions with low fire risk. Implemented over Ukraine, 104.229 ha were mapped as burned during July 2022, with fires inconsistently corresponding to high FPI risk, indicating predominantly anthropogenic causes.